Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020


Mega News

Greta Thunberg blasts soft emissions targets and denounces the pledges of wealthy countries and businesses to curb climate change as hollow and deceptive, calling them “clever accounting and creative PR” in a speech before world leaders at the United Nations’ annual COP25 climate meeting in Madrid. : worldnews

Please. Greta is a PR stunt by the media.

Show me 1…1 policy proposal of hers. 1 quote where she says “ we need to cut emissions by x% by taxing [blank] and passing [name of legislation].

You won’t. It’s just a bunch of empty platitudes about her future and ditching school.

Which is why the media loves her. They can feel good about themselves while not threatening their advertisers.

She’s Kony 2012.

The Climate Reality Project, Team Trees and countless other groups are putting forth real, structural change that would have a tangible difference. Not only on the environment but also the medias bottomline.

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