Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020


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Sikorsky-Boeing team releases new video of its SB>1 Defiant helicopter – Defence Blog

Sikorsky and Boeing are continuing to flight test the SB>1 Defiant compound helicopter, selected for further testing under the Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program.

Sikorsky is partnered with Boeing on the SB>1 Defiant program in order to meet the demands of the Army’s future vertical lift mission. Defiant is highly maneuverable and will extend the warfighter’s capabilities on the modern battlefield – and fits in the same footprint as a Black Hawk.

Defiant builds on Sikorsky’s foundational X2 Technology which integrates coaxial rotors, fly-by-wire flight controls and a propulsion system to redefine the attributes and abilities of a typical helicopter. Counter-rotating main rotors give extra lift, stability and smoothness. This gives the SB-1 speed, climb, and VTOL advantages over normal helicopters.

Sikorsky-Boeing team also released a new short video showing that its FVL aircraft can maneuver and fly fast at low altitudes, critical for the Army’s mission success.

“Testing continues for the SB>1 Defiant, expanding the flight envelope and demonstrating low altitude maneuverability,” said in a statement on an official Twitter account. “These capabilities are crucial for the U.S. Army’s future long-range assault mission.”

Defiant recently flew in a demonstration for Senator Tammy Duckworth and Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy. During that flight Defiant hit 140 knots and 45-degree angle-of-bank turns. The aircraft will continue to expand the envelope in flight test throughout the rest of the year.

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